Midland, TX

Getting to Know Midland

Situated on the southern plains of West, Texas, Midland is the county seat of Midland County with a population of just over 132,000, making it the twenty-fourth most populated city in all of Texas. Midland is an oil boom city and was founded as a halfway point between Fort Worth and El Paso in 1881. Producing 1/5 of the nations total petroleum and natural gas output, Midland has transformed into the administrative center for West Texas oil fields. Over time safety requirements for oil companies and other big industrial businesses where employee health may be at risk, have been put into place.

Occupational Hearing Solutions

As the oil industry has progressed over time in regards to personal safety and protective equipment for workers, businesses like Audio Acoustics Testing & Diagnostics, have stepped up to ensure that proper precautions are taken to ensure that equipment is up to OSHA hearing and respiratory standards. Along with that, they provide mobile hearing, pulmonary function & quantitative respiratory fit testing services. Early detection is the key to reducing health risks for employees as well as company costs such as disability, worker’s compensation, sick leave and chronic absenteeism.

Audio Acoustics Testing & Diagnostics is a member of the National Hearing Conservation Association and as such is dedicated to preventing hearing loss due to chronic exposure to loud noise and other environmental factors in workplaces throughout Midland, TX & the surrounding areas.  For more information about what we do, explore our site! For any additional questions, contact us anytime!